Monday, December 13, 2010


Today I learned:

I did in fact intend on coming back. It was a bit of a close affair, though; but in the end I decided that I was interested in coming back, and sharing the little things I learn.

Don't be drunk. Just don't. Any state of mind which leaves you sincerely believing that someone you've met once briefly a few months ago is your best friend is a bad state of mind. Any state of mind in which you laugh uproariously every 30 seconds at your own witticisms is a very annoying state of mind. Any state of mind in which you feel compelled to spend dozens of dollars in a week on food that makes you feel ill and look stupid is one not worth the investment.

Youtube should start allowing you to report song parodies on the pure basis of their being retarded/unfunny. Because they are a plague which has infected youtube, and I have decided I will not condone any longer.

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