Monday, March 21, 2011

Suddenly, an update!

Today I learned:

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born 22nd of January, 1869 in Russia. Not too much is known about his growing up years, other than that both of his siblings died (His sister drowned, and his brother nearly did too but instead got pneumonia). At 18, he went to a Monastery (Possibly as penance for theft) and had his life turned around, determining he should be a holy man. He got married and was settled down for until 1901, when he became a wandering holy man. Like a pilgrim of sorts, going about and preaching, he made his way to Saint Petersburg.

he garnered a reputation as a holy healer there, and ended up helping with the Tsar's only son, a hemophiliac whom Rasputin had some success in helping. (As far as historians can tell, more by common sense than magic) He began to gather more and more controversy as well, gaining influence with the royal family and attacked by the church for various suspicions.

Then one day he was killed. there are more theories and myths about his death than his life, but current research indicates that rather than the famous "Shot, stabbed, poisoned, beaten, chained and drowned" killing method, he was just shot. By British Intelligence no less, who feared his influence on the crown, because he was advocating retreating on the Western Front during world war I.

The royal daughters were very sad to hear of his death, being close friends with him, but in the end it didn't matter because every single one of the royal family were murdered...HAPPY ENDINGS AHOY!

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